Online reservation queuing system plan

Online reservation queuing system plan

(Summary description)

Online reservation queuing system plan

(Summary description)

1. System Overview

  This program can be tailored according to the actual needs of customers. Our company provides a complete set of intelligent multimedia queuing and evaluation system design solutions with WeChat appointment function. The system adopts the latest network technology, based on 433MH LAN (cross-segment and cross-route) transmission technology, used for data communication between different terminal devices. The system supports multi-site statistics, multi-language environment, and multi-layer business menus, which can realize online appointment, online query, online number retrieval, WeChat push number information, on-site queuing number, playing multimedia number information, service evaluation, queuing evaluation data Unified background management and other functions, so as to realize the service staff can queue up and take numbers online or offline. At the same time, the service attitude of service staff can be evaluated. Queuing numbers and evaluation data can be uploaded to the headquarters server in real time, which is convenient for management staff to query . The main functions of online queuing can be realized after following the official account through WeChat, online appointment, online number retrieval, online viewing of the queuing progress of nearby outlets, receiving preliminary notification pushes, receiving call number notification pushes, etc.; offline is directly on-site through traditional methods. The queue machine takes the number. The combination of the two queuing methods can reduce waiting time, improve work efficiency and experience, and reflect the Internet + service application.

  The system consists of five parts: queue calling and evaluation system, WeChat reservation platform, WeChat reservation server, queuing networking platform and total server.

System topology diagram


2. System design


  WeChat public account structure and principle

  As shown in the figure above, the official account application deployed on the [WeChat official account application server] is responsible for receiving pushes from the intelligent queuing evaluation system and calling the interface on the intelligent queuing evaluation system server according to the push type to obtain the required queuing data list in real time, etc. information;

  Whenever the application on the [WeChat Official Account Application Server] receives a push from the intelligent queuing evaluation system, it will take a corresponding action according to the type of the pushed message. The content of the action may be to update the local data or directly call the [WeChat API server] provided API interface to indirectly realize the function of pushing messages to WeChat users.


3. System function

  3.1 Association between WeChat users and official accounts

  According to the current working principle of the WeChat official account, all users need to pay attention to the official account before interacting with the official account; after successfully following the official account, the user can enter the official account’s menu to open the official account’s web page to implement specific functions.

  The most common channel to follow the official account is [Scan] in WeChat. This function can scan and identify the QR code by calling the camera of the smartphone; the content of the QR code is the connection address of the official account;

  The QR code can be displayed on the interface of the number machine or printed on a promotional poster, a queue ticket or a roll-up banner;

  After the user succeeds in following the WeChat official account, the official account can actively push messages to the user; thus, the number preparation message push and the number message push required by the intelligent queuing evaluation system are realized.

  Connecting to the designated webpage through the custom menu in the official account can realize the user's spontaneous operation, which can be completed through WeChat: queuing number, queuing reservation and queuing progress query, etc.

  3.2 Scan to follow the queue progress

  When the user obtains the queuing ticket by touching the number picking machine at the office site, the intelligent queuing evaluation system prints the relevant QR code on the printed queuing ticket; the QR code is unique, and the user scans the QR code The code can realize the association between the queue number of the ticket and the user's WeChat account, and the WeChat push will be received when the queue number is prepared and called.

  3.3 WeChat account number/appointment queuing process:


  1. Choose the lobby

  a) First choose which district to handle business in

  b) Select the service hall after multiple hall selection

  2. Hall homepage

  3. WeChat queue


  a) Choose to handle business

  b) Waiting for call

  4. Online appointment to choose the business to be appointment


  a) Fill in personal information, select the appointment time, and submit the appointment

  The system prompts that the appointment is successful

  5. Progress query

  3.4 Preliminary push

  Preliminary push of number calling means that when the queuing system is about to call the designated queuing serial number, the intelligent queuing evaluation system will push a message to the WeChat official account application, and the WeChat official account application will push the message to the end user through the WeChat API server, thereby Realize the function of notifying users and letting users prepare in advance;

  For example: Zhang San handles the [comprehensive service], and the obtained queuing serial number is A010. When A007 of the [comprehensive service] is called by the intelligent queuing evaluation system, a message will be pushed to the WeChat official account application; the WeChat official account application will The message is received, and a message notification is generated and sent to the end user.

  3.5 Call number push (silent call number)


  Call number push means that when the intelligent queuing evaluation system calls the user to go to the designated window to handle business, push a message to the user through the WeChat official account application; remind the user to go to the designated window to handle, this function can work together with the on-site call number prompt.

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