55 inch wall-mounted advertising player (black)

55 inch wall-mounted advertising player (black)

Product description
Function Description

name Wall-mounted advertising machine series
size 55 inch wall-mounted advertising player
in FIG.
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Backlight type ELED
Resolution 1920*1080
Viewing angle 178°
Brightness ≥350cd/m2
Contrast ≥1800:1
Response time 4ms
Display area 1208 (h) × 680 (v)
Frame color Black frame, glass black silk screen
Tempered glass 4mm thick
Bare metal size 1255×727×54MM
Hanger size 400*400*15mm
Built-in speaker 2 8∩10W mid-range high-quality speakers
Input voltage AC110-220V
Total power ≤180W
net weight 22KG
Weight with packaging 24KG
Package dimensions 1320 * 148 * 795mm
Department of
default allocation Android 4-core motherboard 1G (running) + 8G (storage)
Motherboard interface HDMI*1/USB2.0*1/USB3.0*1/TF card slot*1/RJ45*1/RESET*1/Ethernet port*1
system version Android version 4.4.4
Pre-installed software Information release system

1. Abundant terminal interfaces to meet diversified needs.
2. The terminal can be set to play designated programs regularly, multiple programs can be played at the same time, and designated programs can be paused\played.
3. The remote control can be used on the terminal to switch the functions of "networked advertising machine" and "single machine advertising machine". If the number of advertising machines is small, the stand-alone advertising machine function can be used first, and then switch back to the networked advertising machine function when the number of advertising machines is large.
4. Support wired, wifi, 3G, the network will be disconnected automatically according to the stand-alone version.
5. The network publishing system is B\S architecture, supports one-click installation, installs the system in 2 minutes, connects to the host in 5 minutes, and learns to publish programs in half an hour.
6. Remote management terminal programs can be transmitted remotely, terminal expired files can be deleted remotely, and programs can also be copied to the terminal by U disk.
7. The production program supports pictures, audio, video, text, FLASH, web pages, weather, news, interest rates and other information, and can also play AV signals and content in U disk; there are split screen, overlay, picture special effects, text subtitle special effects , You can set the duration of the program's picture material in the program.
8. Support 1080P high-definition playback, and support a screen at least two channels of high-definition video decoding (up to 10 channels of video decoding at the same time).
9. The control center can monitor the online status of each terminal and view abnormal records.
10. Support carousel and interstitial programs, send instant notifications, time switch playback, remote control playback volume, view the execution of transmission instructions, view operation logs and cumulative frequency and duration of programs (materials) played on each terminal. Program statistics .
11. Support dynamic domain name resolution, no need to fix IP (support peanut shell domain name resolution can be solved).
12. Multiple administrators and operating accounts can be set, and different permissions can be assigned; the content of the administrator can be reviewed, and the reasons for failure can be recorded.
13. One server can manage countless terminals.
Advanced features:
1. Provide XML data interface, support the data access of text, video and picture information of external devices, such as queue calling information, KTV welcome message, etc., you can refer to the code.
2. It supports the production of touch programs without additional programs. After an external touch monitor is connected, touch query programs can be produced flexibly.
3. It supports the function of simultaneous playing of the same program (referred to as "multi-machine synchronization") on multiple terminals in the LAN with wifi access via Ethernet.
The above system configuration can be changed according to actual requirements, and computer system, stand-alone system, display system, etc. can also be replaced
machine 1 set
Wall mount 1 pair
Neutral packing 1 piece
Electronic manual 1 serving
power supply 1
Door lock key 2
remote control 1 piece
WiFi stick 1
Warranty card, certificate One sheet each (neutral)